Elly Priest

Pilates Instructor
Elly Priest

I have always been an active person who is passionate about teaching, which led me to study Coach Education and Sports Development at University. It was during my time at University that I qualified as a Water Babies instructor. This requires me to get in and out of pools on a daily basis whilst carrying huge amounts of heavy, wet equipment. This constant on-the-go lifestyle and carrying equipment started to take its toll and I began to get problems in my lower back and shoulders. It was then I discovered Pilates.

I started classes with Claire at the Power of Pilates studio several years ago and instantly became an addict. I found the classes fascinating - learning how you can train your muscles to become longer and leaner, strengthening yourself from within and isolating particular muscle groups to work and relaxing the rest of the body - was eye opening for me. After a few years, I trained as a Level 3 Pilates Instructor.

As a Swimming Teacher, Pole Fitness Instructor and Netball Coach, I really enjoy the slightly slower tempo of Pilates classes where I can really focus on the individuals in my class ensuring it is tailored to their needs. Seeing individuals develop in class over time and discussing how they've started to evaluate how their sit in their car or at their desk or how they perform exercises at the gym, or even just how they walk due to the principles they've learned in Pilates is truly rewarding.

Pilates is so beneficial to everyone, from every walk of life, and I am so excited to continue my learning and passing knowledge on to clients at Power of Pilates.  


  • Matwork Pilates level 3
  • Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Exercise
  • Level 3 GP referral exercise specialist
  • Pilates Small Equipment
  • Pure Stretch Master Trainer
  • First aid certificate
  • Fully insured

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