Raj Marjara

Pilates Instructor
Raj Marjara

My journey into Pilates began with trying to relieve my lower back pain and shoulder problems.   I was amazed with the improvement   weekly Pilates classes made for me; I had increased flexibility in my back and my shoulders felt a lot better- I was on the road to recovery!

The difference it was making to my daily life was amazing. My passion for Pilates grew and grew, until I finally decided to take the next step and packed in my office job to train as a full time Pilates instructor.

I qualified in Pilates mat work, teaching in small groups and on a one to one basis.   It is a thrill when clients tell me the difference it makes to them and the benefits they get from coming to my classes.

My interest in how bodies move and how to bring about change for the better led me to train further and qualify with the advanced Polestar Pilates. This enables me to teach Pilates on studio equipment, the reformer, trapeze table, ladder barrel, chair and spine corrector.

Each day is interesting, everyone is unique and their learning approach is unique; from the 16 year old to the 80+ year old; the client with osteoporosis, arthritis, pre or post natal, with back pain, recovering from surgery or living with Parkinson’s.   I can assist by bringing awareness through the principles of Pilates to start the progressive, positive change in their bodies.

My passion for teaching continues to grow as does my desire for knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy; it is endlessly fascinating, challenging and rewarding.


  • Polestar Pilates Studio
  • Level 3 Pilates
  • Register of Exercise Professionals
  • Full insurance
  • First aid certification

Certificates in:

  • Anatomy Trains 1 and 2 with Tom Myers' & James Earls' (March 14)
  • Gait Basics & Posture with Liz Chandler (Sep 2013)
  • Pilates for Buff Bones: Osteoporosis (Feb 13)
  • Eric Franklin- movement workshops (May 12)
  • Intrinsic Biomechanics (Apr 12)
  • Emm-Tech: Easy Muscle Management short course (Sep 11)
  • Pre and Post natal (Feb 10)
  • Evolutionary Fitness Pilates (Jan 09)
  • Pilates with small props (March 09)

Accredited Pilates Training with Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt:

  • Triad Ball (Oct 09)
  • Pilates with small weights (Oct 09)
  • Joseph Pilates by the book (Oct 09)
  • Mat Variations (Oct 09)

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