Candy White

Pilates Instructor
Candy White

I have been attending Power of Pilates classes for more than four years and was inspired by Claire to qualify as an instructor in 2010 after having my first child. Having worked on a national newspaper in London for the past nine years where I was constantly sat at a desk or lifting heavy props I found Pilates was the best exercise to help overcome the physical demands, stress of the job and commute. I had tried a number of other exercise routines but nothing could match the results I was achieving from Pilates. Not only did it help me to relax and improve my posture, I was also able to develop greater muscle strength and flexibility. I love that Pilates is adaptable and that you can improve everyday activities, other sports and exercise through applying and combining Pilates techniques.

Pilates was also instrumental during my pregnancy and in helping to get back in shape following the birth of my son Jude in 2010. Pilates helped considerably with the physical demands, extra weight and body changes that occur during pregnancy and the effects that this can have on your posture. Because of this, I am passionate about helping other women use Pilates during pregnancy and am happy to share my experiences with my classes.

Being able to apply the knowledge from my Level 3 course to the practise of Pilates has been inspiring and I look forward to constantly learning and developing my knowledge to help others.

We all lead increasingly stressful lifestyles that has significant effects on our posture, health and wellbeing. I strongly believe the benefits of Pilates is for everyone.


  • Matwork Pilates level 3
  • First aid certificate
  • Fully insured


  • Pilates and Pregnancy (Sept 11)

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