Pilates for men

Pilates is good enough for the All Blacks Rugby Team!

They say real men pump iron - try telling that to the New Zealand All Blacks! Pilates is incorporated into their weekly training schedule to strengthen their core, improve their mobility and to help prevent injuries.

The core muscles which Pilates targets so perfectly can help alleviate back problems and help develop a flat stomach. Two things that are top of the wish list for most men!

Pilates strengthens the muscles around your joints to stabilise your body, allowing your full range of movement and balance. It corrects imbalances within your body; strengthening weak areas and lengthening tight muscles. Once you understand the principles of Pilates you can start to challenge yourself more by adding the weight of your body as resistance, creating a long, lean and flexible body.

Pilates is often classed as women’s exercise, when in fact, it was originally created for men. Joseph Pilates himself was a boxer and self-defence instructor and the legendary German heavyweight boxer, Max Schmelling, was a regular at his New York studio.

Pilates is also currently a part of the weekly training schedule for many top Olympic athletes, Premier League footballers and the England cricket team (see Pilates & Sport).

Here at Power of Pilates we offer mixed classes and men only classes subject to demand. One to one classes are also available.

Matwork classes start from £8.25 per class.
One on one sessions start from £50