We are currently working with Parkinson's UK to provide a weekly Pilates class for Parkinsons in Lower Earley

Pilates is often recommended by the medical profession as it encourages a balanced development of the body through strength, flexibility and mobility. The exercises are safe and progressive and can be modified to any level of ability. Pilates is focused on slow controlled movement - there are no impact or high energy movements, technique and precision are more important than lots of repetitions.

The primary symptoms of Parkinson's that may be helped by Pilates are slowness of movement, stiffness, pelvic floor / bladder control and the loss of balance and posture. The emphasis on the deep core muscles which support your spine will assist with balance and strengthen your pelvic floor to help with bladder control and we encourage you to increase your range of movement and ease stiffness through stretching.

Balance, co-ordination and motor control are vital to perform everyday activities such as walking and picking things up. Our aim within our classes is to work on functional movement to help you live as comfortably and as easily as you can.

We are currently working with Parkinson's UK and provide a weekly Pilates class for Parkinson's at our studio in Lower Earley. The class has been running since March 2011 and we have seen some great results - and had lots of fun too!

If you are interested in attending a class for Parkinson's or organising a class in your local area, please email Claire.  We are happy to put on classes in the surrounding areas (Caversham, Wokingham etc.) if there is enough demand. Family members and carers are welcome too.

Below are a some testimonials from our current attendees:

Ambika: I started Pilates classes with Claire & Raj at work more than 3 years ago. When I did it at work I felt more energetic and could work efficiently afterwards. After retirement I have continued to attend their classes. Early this year I organised Pilates for local support group members. I found it is very beneficial attending classes with people of a similar medical condition as the exercise programme is tailored for Parkinson’s. Every week the instructor pays attention to members specific physical  issues and modify the workout for individuals Attending the classes helped me to be more aware of my posture and also helped me to improve  my breathing  technique.

Pilates are not a vigorous work out is slow & controlled. The core muscle and joint movement has helped to improve my stiffness, balance, mobility and coordination. The relaxation took me  to another world several times. Once Raj had to wake me up. I enjoy going to Pilates and I look forward to meeting up with other members of the group.

Our Instructors Claire and Raj are brilliant I would highly recommend them to other PD sufferers. People with early stage of Parkinson's could easily fit in a general mixed ability classes as the instructors always give modified exercise or alterative according the persons ability.


Margaret: I have been attending the Pilates classes for about six months and have found them very worthwhile. Raj is excellent and runs the classes at the correct level for the group but is conscious of the individuals. I feel very relaxed after the classes which are very enjoyable and therapeutic. The classes have made me aware that I can still exercise and have given me a boost of confidence. I look forward to meeting up with other members of the group. I would highly recommend them to other PD sufferers.


Mary: One of the greatest benefits I have gained is that Pilates has made me more aware of my posture so that I try to walk more upright.  It also helps my mobility and stability.


David: I am convinced that these classes have been of great benefit in maintaining my flexibility.  I had a frozen shoulder when I started classes which is now pain free. Also I find it of benefit to meet socially and enjoy the exercises with other people with the same problems.


Kathie & Bill: Bill and I enjoy pilates because it has helped us in many ways. Having PD I get very stiff and the exercises we do have improved my joint mobility. The emphasis on core muscles improves my stability and my balance. The pelvic floor work is good for bladder control which is often compromised in PD. But most of all I find that it is really relaxing and, at the end of the session, my tremor has gone - unfortunately it quickly returns.

Because of his brain injury Bill has issues with his stability and co-ordination and he has found that pilates really helps. Pilates is fun and we have a good laugh - often at Bill's expense but he loves it! We hate to miss a session. Raj is an excellent teacher.


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Group sessions start from £8.25