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From Office Building to Pilates Paradise: The Journey of Power of Pilates’ New Studio

At Power of Pilates, we believe in transformation — not just of the body, but of spaces too. Our journey began when our old studio, brimming with energy and community spirit, started to feel a bit too cozy for the growing number of Pilates enthusiasts. We needed more space to accommodate our expanding family, and that’s when we found the perfect location: an old office building just 4 doors away - ready for a new lease on life.

Vision to Reality: The Ground Floor Mat Studio with Barre Bar

The ground floor of our new building has been meticulously renovated into a spacious mat studio. Here, we wanted to create an open and inviting atmosphere where our clients could freely move and breathe. The large windows allow natural light to flood the space, enhancing the sense of openness and connection to the outside world.

pilates mat studio

Gorgeous wood flooring, huge mirrors and soft lighting ensures that every mat exercise is performed in the best possible environment. Our color palette of whites and black, accented with natural wood elements, aims to create a serene space that encourages relaxation and focus.

With the addition of the barre bar, clients can now enjoy an expanded range of exercises that blend Pilates and barre techniques, adding variety and challenge to their workouts. This floor is dedicated to our mat and barre classes, where the foundation of Pilates principles—balance, strength, flexibility, and mindful movement—are practiced.

Reaching New Heights: The Upper Floor Reformer Studio

reformer pilates studio

The upper floor of our new building is dedicated to our reformer classes. This studio is equipped with 8 state-of-the-art reformers, each carefully spaced to ensure ample room for every movement. The reformer studio embodies the perfect blend of elegance and functionality, with sleek, modern equipment that enhances the Pilates experience.

We’ve paid special attention to creating an ambiance that’s both motivating and soothing. The reformer studio features high ceilings and large mirrors, which not only help in monitoring form but also give a sense of spaciousness. The thoughtful design promotes an environment where clients can challenge themselves physically while maintaining mental tranquility.

Nourishment for Body and Soul: The Instructors' Kitchen

At Power of Pilates, we understand that taking care of our instructors is just as important as caring for our clients. That’s why we’ve included a cozy, well-equipped kitchen in our new studio. This space is designed to be a haven for our instructors, offering them a place to relax, recharge, and connect with each other between classes.

Whether they’re grabbing a quick snack, preparing a nutritious meal, or simply enjoying a cup of tea, our instructors have a space where they can take a moment for themselves. We believe that a well-nourished instructor is key to providing the best possible experience for our clients.

The Heartbeat of Power of Pilates

Our new studio is more than just a place to work out; it’s a community hub where people come together to pursue their passion for Pilates. We’re thrilled to offer a space that’s welcoming, functional, and designed with our clients’ and instructors’ needs in mind.

This renovation project has been a labor of love, reflecting our commitment to providing the best Pilates experience possible. We invite you to come and see the transformation for yourself. Join us at Power of Pilates, and let’s continue this journey of growth, health, and community together.

Visit us at our new location and experience the power of transformation with Power of Pilates. Whether you’re stepping onto a mat at our enhanced ground floor studio, complete with a barre bar, or getting onto a reformer upstairs, we promise an environment that’s supportive, empowering, and inspiring.