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Power of Pilates - Our Story

Power of Pilates story

From paralysis and an emergency spinal fusion to Pilates expert and studio owner..

For a large part of my adult life I was in constant pain with my lower back. My life style was severely restricted, I had to take pain killers and apply ice to my lower back daily. My back pain was unbearable and nothing i tried seemed to help. My back pain got worse and worse. Things finally came to a head when I became temporarily paralysed and had to undergo major back surgery - an emergency spinal fusion. I found myself in a body brace and on crutches with months of hydrotherapy and rehabilitation ahead of me.

The Birth of Power of Pilates

After surgery I was introduced to Pilates by a fantastic NHS physio, Dan. Little did I know how my life was going to change!

Over the next 6 years I attended weekly Pilates classes and learnt to live, eat and breathe Pilates and to use the principles in my everyday life. Not only did this help me to retrain my body to move correctly but it also inspired me to share this life changing discipline with others. I qualified as a Pilates Instructor in 2007 and Power of Pilates was born.

Classes quickly grew and word spread. Physios and Osteopaths started to recommend me to clients and I was inundated with class requests from people suffering back, neck, shoulder, knee and hip injuries. To my surprise, I also had requests from sportspeople wanting to prevent injuries and improve core stability and corporate clients heard about my classes and contacted me to run Pilates in their offices. I had outgrown the church halls as I could no longer fit the people in so I found, designed and renovated a beautiful space in Lower Earley, Reading. The Studio had arrived!

Power of Pilates Studio

Over the next few years instructors who shared my passion for Pilates joined the Power of Pilates team. It is important to me that we all share the same vision for our clients and I am so fortunate that we have such a great team working together and sharing knowledge. We all have a hands on approach and see our clients as individuals, not just another number. We now have a fantastic and incredibly professional team, specialising individually in areas such as Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Arthritis, Pre and Post Natal, back care, sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Why our clients trust us

We have been teaching Pilates full time in our studio for over 17 years - and we are extremely proud to the longest running and most established Pilates studio in Berkshire. We get to know every client that walks through our studio doors and when you combine our Pilates knowledge with a personal touch and attention to detail - then you will experience Pilates that will get you results.

When I opened the Power of Pilates studio I wanted to ensure we offered a personal approach to Pilates and ensure that everyone has individual attention – each body is different and each Pilates session is tailored to take each person into consideration (where possible). I am proud that we still have clients attending classes today that came to my very first classes - you can't get a better recommendation that that!

We offer Pilates mat classes, reformer and equipment classes and 1:1 Personal Training. Our studio is in Lower Earley but we also offer Pilates mat classes in Wokingham and Finchampstead.

Results. Our aim is to get you results. We are a unique full time Pilates studio with over 20 years experience. The company is owned and run by Claire Roberts a Pilates expert and her knowledge flows through the studio. This expertise has helped thousands of clients achieve their fitness goals in Berkshire for almost 2 decades.

We are a client focused Pilates studio. We want to make our clients stronger and more confident in their bodies using Pilates as a tool to get clients the results they want.

Our studio in Lower Earley, Reading has been open for over 16 years and we have been teaching Pilates for over 20 years. We still have many of the same customers that started with us 20 years ago! How many companies can say that?

We take a personal approach to Pilates. We get to know our clients. We have instructors with a wide range of qualifications but all share the values of being customer focused, friendly and results driven. Expect to work hard in a super friendly environment.

No! We only offer Pilates. We are a full time Pilates studio - 100% Pilates specialists.