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Pilates and Pregnancy

Pilates and Pregnancy

We strongly believe in the Power of Pilates for people of all fitness levels and life stages. We are pleased to offer mixed ability Pilates classes that are not only suitable, but also safe and enjoyable for pregnant women to attend. In addition to group matwork Pilates, we also provide private 1:1 and duet Reformer Pilates sessions specifically tailored for pregnant women, ensuring personalised attention and care throughout your pregnancy journey.

Mixed Ability Pilates Classes for Pregnant Women

We understand the importance of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. Our mixed ability Pilates classes are designed to cater to individuals with varying levels of fitness and experience, making them ideal for pregnant women. Our highly trained instructors are knowledgeable about the specific needs and considerations of pregnant women throughout each trimester and can modify exercises to suit your changing body..

Pilates exercises focus on core strength, flexibility, and stability, all of which are essential for maintaining good posture and alleviating common discomforts associated with pregnancy. Our classes keep you strong and active with expert advice to keep you in the safe recommended ranges of movement, providing a low-impact workout and controlled breathing techniques that promotes overall well-being during your pregnancy..

Private 1:1 Reformer Pilates Sessions for Pregnant Women

In addition to our mixed ability classes, we offer private 1:1 and duet reformer Pilates sessions exclusively for pregnancy. These sessions provide an opportunity for personalised instruction and guidance tailored specifically to your unique needs and goals during pregnancy. Our certified instructors will work closely with you to ensure proper alignment, focus on targeted muscle groups, and create a safe and comfortable environment..

prenatal reformer pilates

Reformer Pilates utilises specialized equipment that allows for a wide range of exercises to strengthen your core and enhance overall body awareness. With our private sessions, you can enjoy the benefits of Pilates in a setting that prioritises your comfort and safety.

Pilates for Post Natal Clients

Our Pilates classes are not only beneficial during pregnancy but also excellent for post natal clients. After giving birth, it is crucial to rebuild strength, restore posture, and regain overall fitness. Our post natal Pilates classes are designed to help new mothers gradually regain strength in a safe and supportive environment.

By focusing on core stability and pelvic floor exercises, Pilates can assist in restoring muscle tone, improving flexibility, and promoting efficient movement patterns. Our experienced instructors will guide you through exercises that are appropriate for your post natal stage, ensuring a mindful and effective workout that aids in your postpartum recovery.

At Power of Pilates, we prioritise the well-being and safety of our clients, especially during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Join us today and experience the numerous benefits of Pilates for both you and your baby.